Frequently asked questions

What is Abogad0?

Abogad0 is a free AI assistant for Philippine Law. You can ask it questions about Philippine Law or about certain scenarios. Please note that it can commit mistakes, so please double check the information and consult a lawyer.

Is Abogad0 a substitute for a lawyer?

While Abogad0 is a valuable tool for general legal information, it does not replace the personalized advice of a qualified lawyer. For complex legal issues or representation, consulting a licensed attorney is recommended.

Why did you build Abogad0?

I wanted to make legal information more accessible to everyone.

Is my information kept confidential when using Abogad0?

Abogad0 doesn't store your queries, but we do send them to APIs. For your own safety, please do not send any PII (Personally Identifiable Information) or SPII (Sensitive Personally Identifiable Information) to Abogad0.

How does Abogad0 craft replies?

Abogad0 finds the most relevant laws given your question, and crafts a reply from those.

Is Abogad0 free?

Yep! I'll try to keep it running as long as I have money to spare. So if you like it, please buy me a coffee:

Which laws does Abogad0 use?

Abogad0 references the constitution and all the major legal codes. I know this isn't comprehensive but i'll keep updating this as I add more.

Why is it so dumb?

I'm poor so I can only afford the cheap AIs for now to keep it free for everyone 😅

Why is it so slow?

I'm still poor so because I use cheap AIs, I have a multi-step process in order to improve the quality of the responses, which in turn, makes it take a while 😅

How can I report issues?

Please email me here with the subject [Abogad0]:

What's your tech stack?

Okay you nerds: I'm using create-llama for this and I used the Python backend so I can customize most of the RAG process. For the LLM, I'm using a Zephyr instance.